It's the Little Things ...

Second post, woohoo!

If only for reasons of procrastination and nothing else, I felt like a blog post. (But you don't look like a blog post! shouts my inner-Dad-humour)

Right now, I'm in the process of revising for my final exams of university. For the past two weeks my daily routine has barely deviated from the following:

0800: Get up, have breakfast, wash face, brush teeth
0900: Browse Reddit for an hour
1000: Force self to read boring things about boring law
1300: Take extra long lunch break in an effort to keep a hold on my sanity
1500: Force self to read more boring things about more boring law
2000: Give up for the night, browse Reddit some more

Shower, rinse, repeat.

(Notice that at no point in my daily routine did I mention "Change out of PJs". Go figure.)

So it's been a long few weeks. There are a couple of things in this tiny bedroom, however, that have brightened up my long and repetitive days.

Incense and holder, Firkins Exeter
Candle, "Wild flowers", Wax Lyrical

If I'm spending all damn day in my room, it's got to smell nice, right? I'm in love with my incense holder, a Secret Santa gift from my flatmate - it's a combination of (a) Glittery and (b) Rainbow, two things I'm pretty partial to. Anyway. Incense is super cheap (I think this box was £1.40), and it'll probably last me a couple of months - I burn one every couple of days and once the strong whiff's faded a little (it's a bit much to begin with!), it lasts and lasts. Lovely jubbly. This candle was technically a gift from my dog (thanks Molly) for my birthday, and while it doesn't smell nearly as strong as the incense, there's just something soothing about having a soft glow in my room during the evenings.

Anne French Deep Cleansing Milk, £3.99, Boots
Aussie Miracle Recharge Frizz Remedy Conditioning Spray, £4.99, Asda

Though I might have been slightly neglecting my face recently makeup-wise, it's been nice to give my skin a break. I recently bought Anne French's cleansing milk on the recommendation of my flatmate, who has a mother and grandmother who swear by it. I've not been using it long enough to be able to give a firm review of it - but so far it's not broken me out (very promising) and it smells like Grandmas, all flowery and powdery-like. Which is kinda nice, unless that's weird. It's cheap as well, which is always a bonus.

This Aussie stuff is wonderful - I give my wet hair a few sprays with it and let it dry naturally, and my hair's been feeling in better condition recently than it has for a long time. I don't think it misses all that horrible hair-dyeing malarkey I subjected it to constantly between the ages of 16 and 20. Sorry about that, dear barnet.

Finally, these two little beauties are sitting on my desk just waiting for that last day of exams. My parents gave me a bottle of champagne for my 21st birthday last week, but we unfortunately didn't end up drinking it because my birthday was a bit of a no-alcohol zone - we're all preoccupied with exams and dissertations in my flat so my 21st was a nice quiet affair with good food and chilling. SO here it is, waiting for the moment I finish my final exam, and make up for the mayhem-less birthday. And that little 'Rewards' jar sitting next to the bottle, well, it's just that - a rewards jar. I've been putting all my cash and loose change in this one for the past few days, saving up for something nice - probably it'll go on my next night out on, you guessed it, the last day of exams!

Guess I should probably get back to work now. Humph.



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