For the last few weeks I've been on the hunt for some new workout gear. I've been wearing the same two pairs of Primark leggings to the gym for the past year, and to be honest they're not tatty at all - the truth is, I'm super self conscious of how my stumpy legs look even stumpier when I'm wearing capri-length leggings. Silly, I know.

Anyway! After much hunting and hmm-ing and hah-ing about spending £30 on a pair of leggings that I just couldn't justify, I stumbled across Fabletics. They were offering an introductory deal for new customers that I just couldn't refuse - £22 for an entire workout outfit, with a tonne of different combinations to choose from.

I'm not kidding when I tell you that I spent a full hour of my evening scrolling through the options available. I made up my mind that I was going to go for it almost as soon as I clicked onto the homepage - I just couldn't deal with all the options! Eventually I opted for the Fuse outfit: Black leggings, a grey and black tank top and a matching headband.

Today I took them for my first spin at the gym and, let me tell you, I'm so pleased with these friggin' leggings! First and foremost, they passed the dreaded squat test. (At the weekend I persuaded my lovely sister to stand behind me and tell me if she could see the colour of my undies through the leggings when I squatted. She couldn't.) Hurrah! That was really my main requisite: I'm self-conscious enough doing barbell squats in the male-dominated weights section, I don't need the added paranoia of "Oh-look-Gladys-I-Can-See-That-Poor-Girl's-Knickers", nor the annoyance of tying a jumper around my waist as has been the case in the past. So yep, the leggings ticked the box as soon as Laura shrugged and said "I dunno, I can't see them".

Further to that, it turns out these leggings are SO. EFFING. COMFY. Oh my goodness I've been wearing these badboys any chance I can get, even when I'm slobbing around the house. The material is so thick and warm. And I've got to admit, they do wonders for my butt. It looks phenomenal in these if I say so myself!

As for the other bits... Well, after my (slightly too) enthusiastic review of the leggings, I'm afraid the tank can't top it.

Well aren't I punny.

No, in all seriousness the top is great too - the print is so cool, it's a flattering length and didn't ride up once during my workout today. The website describes the fabric as "buttery soft" and I can't say they're exaggerating - it does feel soft and lovely. And upon exiting the gym, neither my leggings nor the top were sweaty-feeling at all - whatever that moisture-wicking malarkey is, I like it.

Overall I'm super happy with this purchase. In an ideal world I'll be going back to this place again and again in the future for my workout clothes. Only thing about Fabletics that I'm not so fond of is their subscription service - basically, when you buy from them you sign up for an opt-out service that charges money every month and adds credit to your account so that you can be buying your workout stuff on the Reg. They sell it well, and it sounds like a great idea but I just think it's too pushy. I don't want to have to opt-out every month, I just want to be able to mosey back when I feel like it and log in to my account like any other website.

Oh well. Maybe I won't be able to justify buying something next month, but I'm sure I'll be back again for a pair of their delicious leggings, because my goodness I'm going to need them this winter! Brrrr.



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