Long distance: Ain't no thang

I've been dreading October 2014 for a while now. It isn't the change of season, nor the fact that I'll be working full-time and missing out on beloved lie-ins... Nope, this month sucks because it's the month my boyfriend moved back home. This time last week I was hugging him goodbye at the airport and flailing my way home like the snivelly drama queen that I am.

We've had a bit of a test run, to be fair. In the weeks before he moved 3,000 miles away, we were still a 5-hour train journey away from each other, and only seeing each other at weekends - to some, we've already been in a long distance relationship for a while! Though it wasn't fun, and while I am in no way enthralled by the time zone difference and the fact that I am now glued to my phone for many many minutes of the day, I think this long distance malarkey is turning out better than expected. They say "distance makes the heart grow fonder", and whoever the hell They are, They're spot on. Last week I booked flights to go visit him next month, and my goodness I'm so excited - not just to see him, but to see some SUNSHINE and escape this miserable weather!

So yeah. The world hasn't ended and I've still got a big old smile on my face!

(That said, it's only been a week. Talk to me again when my hormones are tormenting me, and you may hear a different story...)


  1. I love your blog Mel, I hope your hormones aren't tormenting you yet! (Mine would be Raging!)So lovely to read what you've been up to! xx

    1. Thanks Rachel! So far so good - helps that i'll be off to visit him in 3 weeks haha! Hope you're well love xx